To be eligible for admission as a Member, a person must qualify for Provisional Member and have relevant post-qualification professional experience in ICT.


For the purpose of evaluating whether the association’s experience requirements are satisfied applicants are required to provide evidence of their experience in Information and Communications Technology, including any of the following activities:

1. The management and supervision of any of the activities listed below

  • Coding, implementation and maintenance of computer programs
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Database design and administration
  • Network design and communication technology
  • Information systems strategic planning;
  • Evaluation of information technologies
  • Systems programming
  • Hardware engineering and maintenance
  • Information and communications technology research and development
  • Standards development
  • Software quality assurance
  • Auditing of ICT systems
  • Design of safety critical systems
  • Network management;
  • ICT systems security;
  • Pre and post sales technical support;
  • Design and implementation of computer-based training material
  • Training of students, staff and users of ICT
  • Business process analysis and design
  • Other relevant professional activities.

2. Only full-time involvement in appropriate Information and Communications Technology activities is considered, however part-time work may be counted at a pro-rata basis

3. Written verification of the type of work is required from your from nominated referees.

4. The Association must be satisfied that the experience is of suitable quality as well as being in suitable job classifications. The size and complexity of the organization in which the experience is gained will also be taken into account.

5. Fifty percent of time spent in the position of trainee programmer, designer or analyst prior to completion of a recognized degree in Information Technology may also be considered as relevant experience.

6. Time spent on formal postgraduate courses in Information and Communications Technology will count as relevant experience.


Demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to the Association’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice.


Where an applicant has completed a course accredited by ICTAK at Professional level knowledge of the Society Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice will be assumed as included in the educational requirements for Associate membership. Other applicants will be required to demonstrate knowledge or may be required to undertake further study in this area.