ICTAK membership denotes a commitment to professionalism. True professionalism and its underlying commitment to a Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Practice, continuing knowledge and skills development, demanding a level of excellence, rigor, integrity and honesty represent key competitive advantages for those working in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as well as the ideal form of risk mitigation for those organizations that employ ICT professionals.

ICT professional with an ICTAK membership is one who has acquired an appropriate combination of recognized qualifications and practical experience in ICT. These qualifications and experience are verified by ICTAK in accordance to the membership eligibility criteria.

ICTAK membership also brings with it a host of benefits and rewards, ranging from professional development, career long support and resources, networking opportunities as well as cost saving initiatives such as discounts on professional prospects to enable an ICT professional keep knowledge up to date, gain new skills, share ideas and concepts with peers as well as develop and manage work and career.

Make a solid investment in yourself and your profession by joining the Information Communication Technology Association of Kenya. Membership in ICTAK is a rewarding experience that puts you at the forefront of industry happenings.

ICTAK Advances Your Profession – And Your Career

ICTAK is the voice of the ICT profession in Kenya , dedicated to serving its members, advancing their value, and improving the quality of their professional environment.

Membership in ICTAK offers a vast pool of resources to help you compete in today’s market and keeps you informed of critical professional issues that may challenge your success. We invite you to become a member today.

Specific Benefits of Membership include among others:

  • Educational programs – at the local, and national levels including online education programs, keep you informed with the latest information.
  • ENewsletters – Compiled by ICT professionals these online newsletters feature news briefs, competition and event updates, and insights on emerging trends in the information profession.
  • Research Services – Contact professionals for specialized research and customized services
  • Career Center – Nationwide job postings and resume listings are available at ICTAK’s online career centre.
  • Publications and Resources – These valuable resources include a full range of print and electronic publications
  • Government Affairs – Government at all levels can affect you, your livelihood, and how you practice your profession. ICTAK provides a voice for the ICT professional that reaches the state legislature. This Association works to improve the designed environment by fostering greater public awareness and public stewardship of Kenya ‘s ICT heritage.
  • ICTAK Mentoring Program – ICTAK offers a series of mentoring tools to help you become an effective mentor as well as to find one from within and outside of the profession of ICT.
  • Awards and Recognition – ICTAK recognizes public relations programs and public relations tactics for excellence in the profession through various awards. Through its different individual awards programs, ICTAK recognizes individuals who, during the course of their careers, have made outstanding contributions to the profession.
  • ICTAK Leadership Opportunities – ICTAK membership opens effective, challenging and rewarding avenues to leadership, ranging from local involvement to national visibility. Leadership positions are available through Chapters, Professional Interest Sections, and national committees.
  • ICTAK means total professional recognition of ICT participants.
  • ICTAK delivers benefits that support you throughout your career, and ensure you are recognized for your qualifications and experience.
  • We’ll also help you improve your employment credentials, better develop and manage your ICT career, gain new skills and keep your knowledge current.
  • Belong to the recognized professional association for those working in ICT.
  • Gain respect for your commitment to the ICTAK Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice
  • ICTAK provides professional development activities,Online Forums, Workshops and Seminars, Conferences, E-Learning etc
  • Read the latest news, opinions, technologies and trends in leading ICTAK publications and our research journals.
  • Access valuable online resources such as industry reports, white papers, ethical case studies, discussion forums and more.
  • Tap into the hidden job market with our job search and job listing databases.
  • Alert the market of your availability through our skills register and consultants directory.
  • Networking opportunities- Attend professional networking events.
  • Meet peers from around the country at the annual national conference.
  • Connect with local members through our Regional Chapters and branch forums.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Information Communication Technology Association of Kenya, the peak body for professionals in the ICT sector in Kenya. As a result of intellectually focused activism, we are able to address vital issues confronting today’s Information industry.

Conscientious professionals from all specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of an industry’s credibility. An essential characteristic of a profession is the need for its members to abide by a Code of Ethics.  The Association requires its members to subscribe to a set of values and ideals which uphold and advance the honor, dignity and effectiveness of the profession of information technology.