Past Event: Computing Deans and Heads of Departments Workshop

Computing (incorporating Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, Information Science and related areas) is one of the most popular academic training programs in Kenya. To date, there has been no forum to enable players in academia, industry and other vital stakeholders to congregate and make collective deliberations.

As much as there are various initiatives by government andthe private sector, institutions of training in the area of computing need to have a platform for consultation and advisory input in policy developments. This proposed forum presents an opportunity for the deans and heads of departments from universities and other tertiary institutions as well as industry partners and stakeholders to discuss matters related to computing and chart a way forward for computing training in Kenya.

Organized by the ICT Association of Kenya (ICTAK) in collaboration with other partners, this forum is slated to take place in Nairobi on the 24th and 25th October 2017.

Objectives of the Forum

This forum is designed to provide a platform that brings together the deans and training heads in the tertiary institutions to among others discuss the following:

  • Computing curriculum development and delivery best practices:- incorporating computing specific didactics, skills based curricula, DACUM, Learning Space methodamong others
  • Opportunities for industry linkages between the training institutions and the industry such as faculty internships, international linkages programs, community engagement programs,among others
  • Credit Accumulation and Transfer System by the Commission for University Education
  • Presentations by donor and funding organizations on opportunities available to computing professionals
  • These sessions will be facilitated by practising experts in an engaging and participative format.

Expected Outcomes of the Forum

At the end of the forum

  1. The participants will establish a "ComputingCouncil" or a working group that will be a reference point for consultation on matters related to computing education in Kenya
  2. A publication (report) will be prepared detailing the proceedings as reference materials for the trainings and presentations that will be done
  3. An online forum will be created to communicate and preserve the generated knowledge and also as a platform for future engagement

The Information Communication Technology Association of Kenya (ICTAK)

The Information Communication Technology Association of Kenya (ICTAK) is the recognized professional body of ICT practitioners established on 20th February 2007pursuantto the provisions of Cap 108 of the laws of Kenya.Prime among ICTAK's objectives is a commitment to ensure beneficial use of technology to the wider society. As the prime association for ICT professionals and industry players in Kenya, ICTAK seeks to further the study and appropriation of ICT; advance competence in the practice of ICT and promote the formulation of effective policies with a view to extending the frontiers of knowledge and application of ICT in society. Towards its mission ICTAK is involved in the following:

  • Nurturing ICT Excellence
  • Driving ICT innovation
  • Spearheading Best ICT practice
  • Promoting digital inclusion
  • Exploring Multi-disciplinary applications of ICT
  • Spreading ICT benefits to the broader community

Other key programs that the Association continues to engage include:

  • ICT industry lobbying and Policy Advocacy
  • ICT Industry Research
  • ICT Value awards (Annual)
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Certified Cyber Security Professional training programs
  • Organizing ICT stakeholders forumsInstitutional E-Readiness, Infrastructure and Quality Assessment
  • ICT Systems Audit
  • Continuous Professional Development Programs
  • Hosting the International Conference on Future and Emerging Technologies (ICEFICT)

Organizing Committee

The workshop steering committee drawsrepresentation from various institutions including ICTAK (chairing), AFELT (Association for Faculty Enrichment in Learning and Teaching),Riara University among other stakeholders. We invite further interested partners to work together in making this forum a resounding success.


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