2016 ICTVA Awards

The ICT Value Awards avails a unique opportunity to organizations and individuals to reflect on their technology triumphs and to renew commitment to a better and brighter future in ICT. As usual, the ICT Association of Kenya appreciates the call to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contributions that have inspired excellence within the ICT industry.

Objectives and Award Categories
The ICTVA Awards seek to recognize, promote and commend the excellent achievements to which Kenyan ICT professionals and organizations contribute with a view to encourage local practitioners to develop innovative and creative ICT solutions, which will uplift the image of Kenya's ICT industry, both locally and internationally. Thus, the awards recognize and celebrate excellence in the ICT domain by rewarding professional achievements and outstanding results in the industry. The awards include the following:

A) Corporate Awards

  1. Best use of ICT in Counties award targets County governments that have uniquely broadened the reach and impact of governance through innovative use of technology
  2. Best use of ICT in Education award recognizes educators/institutions that have made exemplary contributions to the appropriation of ICT in teaching and Learning to nurture knowledge and skills needed to realize Vision 2030.
  3. Best use of ICT (Ministry Category) -This recognizes the Ministry making the most excellent use of ICT to promote efficiency in delivery of public services
  4. Best use of ICT (Parastatal /State Corporation Category) -This recognizes innovative ICT products which are in use by parastatals and state corporations that have helped to boost service standards
  5. Digital Content Excellence Category -This consists of products which are in the form of multimedia, infotainment, immersion and interaction.
  6. Best Business Solution Award- This category aims to promote a wider appreciation of the adoption of ICT by business sectors
  7. Best Use of ICT in Media Award- awards under this category will be presented to the most innovative demonstration of creative content development in the media industry
  8. Best Digital Inclusion Award- This category aims to recognize the development of ICT products / applications / services for the disadvantaged groups of the community and also to raise the public awareness on digital inclusion.
  9. Best ICT Startup Award- This category aims to recognize ICT startups that have developed innovative and quality ICT solutions, with a view to promoting entrepreneurship and startup culture.
  10. Best Innovation Award- Awards under this category target the most innovative and revolutionary ICT innovations.
  11. Best ICT Lifestyle Award-The awards under this category recognize the most outstanding applications / services / products that enable people to move towards a more convenient and enjoyable life style.
  12. Best Mobile Apps Award- This category recognizes the development of innovative mobile applications to promote Kenya as a centre of excellence of mobile applications.
  13. Best use of ICT (SME Category) - This category recognizes the development and adoption of innovative ICT products/applications, by SMEs to improve business efficiency and productivity.
  14. Best Student Invention Award- This category aims to recognize outstanding ICT inventions and projects by students, with a view to promoting students' interest and creativity in ICT innovation.
  15. Distinguished Scholar Award -recognizes distinguished faculty members for sustained excellence in research and scholarly activities.
  16. ICT Woman of the Year award-Will be awarded to an inspiring ICT woman who has consistently made distinguished contribution to the ICT industry
  17. Best use of ICT in Banking- Targets best use of technology to eliminate manual processes and improve banking experience
  18. Best use of ICT in Insurance-To be awarded to a firm that has fully embraced modern technologies to enhance service delivery, wider distribution of insurance products and support novel models
  19. Best use of ICT in Health- Targets best practice in the use of ICT for health service delivery
  20. Best use of ICT for Citizen Engagement- This category looks at the best use ICT to define new ways of reaching out to enhance citizen participation and dialogue on diverse policy issues

B) Individual Awards

  1. ICT Leadership award targets individuals with proven leadership skills and outstanding commitment to the beneficial use of ICT. Persons who qualify for this award will be entered into ICTAK Roll of Honour
  2. ICT Manager of the Year award targets individuals with outstanding ICT driven organizational impact.
  3. Social Media Star Award will be presented to entities that demonstrate resourceful use of social media.

C) Special Category Awards
These awards will be selected the Judging Panel

Eligibility for the Awards
Initiatives are eligible as long as they demonstrate authentic use of the digital technologies. The focus is not on the mere technology itself but the practical value and strategic application to address valid needs in various situations. The ICTVA Awards are open to public and private organizations as well as public benefit agencies

Benefits of Participation
The achievements of the Awards winners will be made aware to customers, organizations, the ICT industry practitioners and the entire community. Winners will be entitled to:

  • Receive the ICTVA Awards trophies or certificates;
  • Display the official logo of the ICTVA Awards in their promotional materials;
  • Participate in various promotional campaigns to publicize their achievements;
  • Assistance in entering into other international awards and competitions;

Nomination and selection process
ICTVA awards will have an open nomination process, whereby the nominee can either self-nominate or be nominated by clients, colleagues or managers or any other objective person. The Online Nomination Form is available at Those who wish to make nominations may include a brief write up on how the chosen nominees are integrating ICT in the relevant settings and the impact within the circles of use. The ICTVA Award Committee will select winners from the nominations received according to the scoring criteria. The following aspects among others constitute the considerations forming the assessment criteria:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Business potential of the solution
  • Universality including ability of a solution to be exploited through different platforms
  • Best practice in usage of ICT
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in service offering
  • Tactical implementation
  • Reduction in Business Operation Cost
  • Increased Business Efficiency and improved Revenue
  • Security features
  • Good user feedback
  • Indicative Results Before and After Implementation
  • Creativity and appeal

Award Presentation
The award winner was announced at the Celebration Dinner to be held at Nairobi in December 2016.

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